Type of Programme
• Full time
• Contact
Admission Requirements
The minimum admission requirements to this qualification are:
• National Senior Certificate (NSC), at NQF Level 4 no endorsements.
• Senior Certificate with no endorsements.
• National Certificate (Vocational) NC(V), at NQF Level 4.

2 year course:

• 1 year Higher Certificate
• 1 year Advanced Certificate
Textbooks and Study Guides
All textbooks, kits and uniforms are included in the tuition fees.
Enquire at your nearest Dermatech campus for a current programme pricelist.
Additional costs
Kit including towels


Dermatech Manuals

Uniform Items

Professional Body Membership Fees

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Higher Certificate in Health and Skincare

We are training full time and part time students towards national and international qualifications, which will enable the student to qualify for any job opportunities nationally and abroad.

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Why choose this field

The purpose of the Higher Certificate in Health and Skincare offered at the Dermatech Health and Skincare is to provide learners an opportunity to gain experience and a qualification after one year with the prospect of entering the Health and Skincare Industry with the required knowledge, practical and marketable skills as a Junior Beauty Therapist.
The Dermatech Health and Skincare Higher Certificate in Health and Skincare has been designed cognisant of the international standards of equivalent qualifications with the view to broaden learners' access into assessments offered by international bodies, should this facility be available at the operational level. Completing the Dermatech Higher Certificate in Health and Skincare will serve as foundation to enter the Advanced Certificate in Health and Skincare which forms the entry requirement for the international membership examinations offered by CIBTAC, ITEC, CIDESCO and SAAHSP

Claw your way to the top with Dermatech

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